Jan 12 2012

Why hello there!

Welcome to our new blog. We'll mostly be focusing on how our games are progressing, but every now and then I'll be looking at and reviewing other games by indie developers, bits and pieces on the Unity3D game engine we use, and occasionally stuff we just find interesting.

If your looking at this post, it probably means the blog is in its infancy and doesn't look particularly funky. Layout and content still needs to be worked on a little bit, but its at the top of the list, and every once in a while when we're taking a break from brainstorming/breaking existing code/tearing our hair out, we'll be sure to write something here.

Please be sure to bookmark this site, add to blog roll or rss reader, whatever the cool kids do nowadays (I made a twitter account an hour ago, you'll have to bear with me), and if there's anything you want us to talk about, or a game you would like us to review (especially if its your own), please don't hesitate to send us a message.

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