Jan 21 2012

Tom and I released Crate Collapse as a free app with IAP on the 3rd of January, and we were incredibly happy with our initial progress. In our first 24-36 hours, we got over 2000 downloads from all over the world. A vast improvement on the 60 something sales our first game made in 3 months.

And then, it sank.

We we're expecting a slight dip once it got out of the new releases section (which it only featured in for 24 hours, but featured very prominently in) but instead, it dipped to around 100 downloads, and then 50, and then even less.

Then out of the blue, we hit new and noteworthy!

No warning, no E-mail. It wasn't until we saw over a thousand downloads again for the day before that we realized something must have happened. And then we saw this:

And, if that wasn't enough, in the UK charts for top 100 free games, we saw this:

Thank you to everyone who downloaded our game! We are still very new to iOS (and even game) development, and this is a big victory for us to break into these categories for the first time.

Right now, were coming up with an update that will fix a couple bugs, and add a TON of new features to the game. I'll update this blog with more details later.

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